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In dire need of help. ;.;

So i've been starring at this code and manipulating it for who knows how many hours now and it's finally beginning to drive me insane.

The program is supposed to sum up a bunch of grades and then calculate the average, but the average always comes out to be 16. I am blind to see the problem in code thus far. Any suggestions?

int main(){

int i = 0;
float SumEx = 0;
float AvgEx;
float OneExVar;

printf("Enter exam value:\n");
scanf("%f", &OneExVar);

while(SumEx >= 0){

printf("Enter next exam value:\n");
scanf("%f", &SumEx);

i = i + 1;


AvgEx = (SumEx + OneExVar)/(i + 1);

printf("The average is: %5.2f\n", AvgEx);

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